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Planet Wisp - All in One Pack 1. A New Game In The Super Hit Sonic Series. , Streelman J. In the early 1990s Russia had created a 10 Hz sonic cannon, which consisted of an infrasonic generator connected to a radar dish. The Nazis are said to have developed a sonic cannon capable of shooting down allied bombers. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. # Sonic. When you find a frequency that seems to match your tinnitus, make sure you check frequencies one octave higher (frequency × 2 After almost twenty-three years, classic Sonic gameplay returns in all its 2D pixel-perfect glory. If you place the S&K cart with a game other then Sonic 2 or 3, you get should get a message saying "Yea Right!" Here, you'll find many sprites sheets dealing about Sonic the hedgehog and its related universe. You even get to choose several different special map sets too. edu My dream zone would be in the gameplay style of sonic adventure 2. mit. Sonic Maker Online Games. Eggman. Sploder is an online game creator. Contents[show] Game appearances Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) The generators appear in both Acts 1 and 2 of Scrap Brain Zone, amongst many other dangerous traps So this topic is about ideas for a Sonic boss. Discover the growing collection of high quality Sonic XXX movies and clips. Free PSN Codes are here! Want a working free PSN code? Give PSNZone a chance to prove how you can get working PSN codes for free from our generator. Team Sonic Racing Fonts Sonic’s universe is thrown into chaos when a mysterious new power comes into force, creating ‘time holes’ which take Sonic and his friends back in time. Appearances First appearance Sonic the Hedgehog #150 Statistics  10 Apr 2018 Sonic 1 - Text Code Generator (or simply S1TCG) is a text editing tool Zone Title Cards text generator; "SONIC HAS PASSED" generator  Anything goes You do not need a template, you can just say what your dream level in a Sonic game would be. Zone-Link Generator Sonic with a Zone-Link Generator, from Sonic the Hedgehog #156. Welcome to Sonic Generations. Create your own images with the Sonic The Hedgehog meme generator. . remember the higher rpm it runs uses more fuel, so keep the eco switch on when using it. Sonic Generations is a platform video game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. You are fun and people love to be around you. Stages Classic: Green Hill, Radical Highway Modern: Green Hill, City Escape, Sky Sanctuary Search Results for Sonic / SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive games online Customiser. Free online fun and games featuring Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Brothers, Megaman, Zelda, Kirby, Bubble Bobble, Super Fighter, Raiden, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Futurama, The Simpsons, and much much more Sonic Suggests is a wonderfully weird Sonic (Sanic) fan game with some hilariously grotesque character models, which sees Modern Sanic transported back to classic Sanic’s dimension. Let your imagination take over and create the world of your dreams with those numerous Sonic level/world creation games. Check out how it will look like hier. edu Sonic Scene creator v2 is a vastly upgraded edition of Sonic Scene creator. Control Concepts USA. Knowing your tinnitus frequency can enable you to better target masking sounds and frequency discrimination training. These combustion products are then accelerated to sonic velocity at the  package, search for creator "Claude Young" in the pop-up browser and get inspired. Please review! Play Sonic Creator dress up game on BGames. Am I seeing right, or are there no Metal Sonic holograms / generators in Collision Chaos Act 2? The generator is about a quarter of a way through the level. Sneakout is similar in The old version is crap compared to this one! You can make a perfect "sonic", "tails" and a "knuckles" with this thing! This is the last one I'm making. Users can make music videos for any music or audio track with incredible filters using animated GIFS A mashup of After Burner and Final Takeoff, from After Burner II. Sonic and Tails then followed the red echidna as he went to check the Master Emerald, where they saw that Robotnik steal it for the purpose of powering the Death Egg. Great idea Ruby. 1! Editing SRB2 (This level should be forced with sonic and be a speed run level. Oct 2, 2017 Sonic Mania's director discusses how a bug led to a new ending for the random input  Insanely fast, mobile-friendly meme generator. The Sonic Generator allows players to configure and produce a new screwdriver from the console. Recent Reviews: Very Positive (157) - 94% of the 157 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive. Now in this version the Sky Sanctuary Zone level has become passable. The random button was the hardest thing to make. Create your own Sonic like creature with lots of features and options, show the world your creativity! dress up games Sonic Creator A game made by alexman25 with our platformer game maker. However, 'THE HEDGEHOG' text as it appears here looks to be custom logotype with no matching font. question games Sonic the Hedgehog is a media franchise owned by Sega, centering on a series of high-speed Creator(s). Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest thing alive. Ocarina of Time Item Randomizer: Your way into a completely new hyrule. The generator is designed to create portals to other dimensions, allowing others to safely go to another universe with only a few steps. Ozonefac manufacture ozone generator parts and ozone machines, ozone air and water purifier, UV sterilizer, oxygen concentrator, 1G - 100KG ozone generators. Sonic, Eve, and the Freedom Fighters continue to have adventures and stopping Dr. Sonic the Hedgehog (ソニック★ザ★ヘッジホッグ, Sonikku za Hejjihoggu) is a two-episode 1996 Japanese anime OVA series based on the video game franchise by Sega. 30 Jan 2018 Robotically assisted sonic therapy was able to create clinically RAST is capable of producing clinically relevant ablation zones in a ultrasound signal generator and amplifier and embedded diagnostic ultrasound system. Over 40 Sonic the Hedgehog fonts used in the games' logos, menus, title cards, cutscenes, HUD, and other texts. A revamped multisample editor has different ways of viewing your zones, zones, blending multiple samples and creating endless sonic combinations. Cnzhenbo Zhejiang Zhenbo Precision Machinery is leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Ultrasonic Generator based in Wenzhou Zhejiang, China . The actual zone(s) would be the following: Hidden Crystal Sonic starts at a door, then once broken has a drop which sends sonic into a glowing cave, which has a similar aesthetic to the special room in sonic & knuckles. Sequel of Sonic and Eve the Hedgehog: Freedom Fighters Continue. Check out Sonic Generations. The first Sonic game, Sonic the  Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, usually abbreviated AOSTH, is an American animated . Look for the part of the map where there's three consecutive half-pipes at the bottom — it's on a ledge directly above the middle half-pipe. Find a program that lets you change headers of carts. Скачивайте новую версию. They can be very hazardous to Sonic due to their placement. The new sonic/ultrasonic power generator is constituted by a transducer with a different plate zones, to achieve any acoustic field configuration. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. You can craft a Sonic Generator (use /tardisrecipe generator to see the recipe), or place a flower pot and update it (/tardis update generator). Wnt, and travels outside of the Wnt-created Lef1 zone, where it has an R. >>> Download Sega font >>> Download Sega Sonic The Hedgehog font >>> Download Sega Mega Drive EURO font Play millions of free games on your smartphone, tablet, computer, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and more. Sonic Mania is an all-new adventure with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles full of unique bosses, rolling 2D landscapes, and fun classic gameplay. Green Hill Zone. If you place To the untrained eye, the present version of Palmtree Panic is basically Green Hill Zone. Generate your OoTR Seeds here and enter an amazing experience - Powered by   From the creator of myNoise, Brainaural is a parametric binaural beat generator that gives you complete control over frequencies, up to the higher Gamma  The Sonic Mania Title Card Generator will allow you to create your own customizable title cards in Mania's style for any zone in your imagination in this mini . So act fast rather than getting late. The components of this mashup are Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed's Carrier Zone, Bayonetta's After Burner (Infinite Climax Mix), Sega Sound Team's Final Takeoff, and Lyude Remixes' After Burner and Final Takeoff. Move Quickly And Dash Through The Objects. also, there are sonic quiz games for you to know more about sonic and other characters in sonic games. The following are a list of characters that have been featured in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It follows Sonic and his sidekick Miles “Tails” Prower, who team with their past selves as they attempt to restore the space-time continuum after it is torn apart by the Time Eater. apply: effects of sonic load in the engine area and of the reduced  Sonic Cat - Purity : Video Sound Only by Jaehyoung Suh range for splitting sound zone; General MIDI normal/rhythm sound and control support bit crusher , noise generator and stereo image; chorus, flanger, phaser and wah-wah; tremolo  AirSweeps • Speed Switches • Sonic Horns. This fireball from Hill Top Zone's boss in Sonic 2 was the original graphic for the burning logs in Green Hill Zone. Sonic Generations: 20 Years of Sonic Music contains several tracks hand-picked by Sonic Team, and was sold with the collector's edition. Contents[show] Story Not much is known about the story at the moment but the first field is Green Hill Zone. Your character can also sport wings and a crazy hairstyle. You can see the live statistics of sonic mania keygen at the generate page itself. It transmitted invisible projectiles the size of a baseball hundreds of meters affecting a blunt force on a target. scratch. Music Video Generator: - Sonic Pika MVGEN is a Music Video Generator. In this Zone, the player chooses one of the playable characters to fight all the the bosses of either Sonic's campaign, Knuckles's campaign, or both campaigns once they are unlocked. ) Magma Inferno Zone Moon Base Zone The best website for free high-quality Sonic fonts, with 20 free Sonic fonts for immediate download, and 17 professional Sonic fonts for the best price on the Web. Follow @WallpaperGamesM X * Remember, the logo will be at the front in the final version. Find the Chaos Pumpkins and undo the curse. Download the new version. In 2016, the New York Attorney General's  31 May 2017 Sonic hedgehog (Shh) is an essential signaling peptide required for normal . Теперь в этой версии уровень Skyn Sanctuary Zone стал проходимый. Wacky Valley Zone Sand Station Zone Regal Rail Zone Aquarium Road Zone These are really quite awesome. last year|35 views SONIC SHORTS 2 TAILS DOLL CREEPY EASTER EGG 1 WITH SPECIAL TRICK. Categories: Dust Collection and Air Pollution Control Accessories, Material  22 May 2018 The Federal Trade Commission has investigated several sonic repellent makers for false advertising. play free online sonic games, there are many of sonic games on here for you to play with. Random Sonic Zone Generator. I love to get feedback. If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call 1-866-657-6642 for assistance. Ultrasonic generator, also named ultrasonic frequency generator & piezo ultrasonic transducer driver, is the key component of an ultrasonic cleaner, it receive and convert energy from the power source to the proper frequency, voltage, and amperage, then sends the electrical energy to ultrasonic transducers. (StH: #156) The Ancient Walkers are killed when the dimensional barriers are breached. Live and learn! What your Sonic OC is. Yuji Naka · Naoto Ohshima · Hirokazu Yasuhara · Artist(s) · Naoto Ohshima · Yuji Uekawa Sonic runs through Green Hill Zone, the first zone of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991). Instant downloads of 4 free Sonic fonts. so, about the level ripping, that's gonna have to wait from then to now, i planned a game, my cpu cooler fried my cpu and motherboard and i recently got it fixed, i've been busy making remixes for a fangame i am part of the staff for and other reasons Features Of Sonic Mania PC Game. While it's temping to jump in and click buttons that seem like a good idea, please try an unmodified copy first! The standard setup is the result of careful thought and deliberation, and I hope you'll give those decisions a chance before choosing to go your own way. I spent a long time on this one. this generator looks like a really good aldi find , and should serve you well. It also includes Text Dialog for a characters talking. 2D procedurally generated game Medieval Fantasy City Generator. You can make a original one, take a character and make them a boss, give an existing boss a Generations-style reboot, and much more. A "HYPER" graphic is present in the result graphics, which means that the return of the Hyper form might have been planned. It Features all of the Old Levels and Several New ones. Sonic Suggests is a wonderfully weird Sonic (Sanic) fan game with some hilariously grotesque character models, which sees Modern Sanic transported back to classic Sanic’s dimension. 2 Jun 2014 thermoelectric generator; airliner; wireless sensor network; battery-free; energy harvesting non-pressurized and non-temperature controlled zone, . Complete method to get sonic mania download code of xbox one,ps4,switch and pc. keep a can of fresh gas handy, as old fuel could gum it up. Just type your first name, surname and your gender and discover your new name. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Sonic scenes than Pornhub! Watch our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. It is known for popular video games such as Sonic the Hedgehog , Virtua Fighter , Phantasy Star , and Total War . The long awaited Dragon Ball Fusion Generator - Now you can fuse and transform over 100 characters with over 10,000 fusion combinations! This content is available exclusively to members of Dragon Ball Fusion Generator's Patreon at the time this content was posted. Sonic Generations 2: Past, Present, Future; Casino Night (Sonic Generations 2) Gadget Park (Sonic Generations 2) Firework Panic (Sonic Generations 2) Green Hill (Sonic Generations 2) Wrecking Ball (Sonic Generations 2) Fang the Sniper (Sonic Generations 2) (3DS) Enable Accessibility. You can be a little bit of a loner and a risk taker but at the end of it all your friends are your strength. In order to obtain this achievement, you will need to travel to the past in a Zone 1 or Zone 2, destroy the robot generator and the Metal Sonic hologram, and then travel to the future. Note that some may not be listed due to their absence on a Nintendo console. In this flash game, you can choose all of the maps from the original Sonic the Hedgehog game, Sonic 2, or Sonic 3. Choose One From 3 Different Characters. Make Sonic Mania memes or upload your own images to make custom memes. The Sonic Mania Title Card Generator will allow you to create your own customizable title cards in Mania's style for any zone in your imagination in this mini game/tool. The game's engine is RPG Maker 2003 and the gameplay revolves around speed and agility. Released in 2017, fans and critics viewed the game as a return to form for the Sonic series, which after years of three-dimensional adventure games, revisited the franchise’s roots both in gameplay and design with 2D graphics and remastered versions of classic Sonic levels. Designed as if it were a Sega Saturn followup to the Genesis-era titles, Sonic Mania features a mix of brand-new stages and remixed classics, with a hearty dose of references to other Sonic games (even the OVA gets a nod!) and other Sega stuff in general. The fight between Sonic and Knuckles at Hidden Palace Zone. Code usage statistics will determine life of the giveaway. *GIVEAWAY CLOSED* This is my 1080p HD Let's Play of Sonic Generations for the PC! This is part 1 and in this video we see the opening cutscene and complete all of Green Hill Zone including extra Evolution Of SONIC DROWNING In The Sonic The Hedgehog Series (1991-2018) Genesis, GBA, PC & More! - Duration: 10:03. Optional radio control allows remote operation from up to 300’ away. Strangely, a Sonic 2 variant goes unused in its remastered version. Yes, I realized what they wanted shortly after. Each Zone has two acts. In Sonic Suggests Sanic finds himself teleported back to the classic Green Hill Zone, … Read More Ultrasonic Generator Ultrasonic Transducer Piezoelectric Ceramics Zhengzhou National High & New Technology Industries Development Zone,Henan Province,China. Produced by Studio Pierrot and directed by Kazutaka Ikegami, the OVAs were released from January 26, to March 22, 1996. Focused  15 Dec 2010 Inside The J-2X Doghouse: The Gas-Generator Cycle Engine . I repeat again that, this give away will live for a particular period. After The Installation Of Sonic Mania Free Download PC Game, You Can Enjoy Some Features. Sonic level creation games . I was merely pointing towards Syntax Ultra Black as the original Sonic font in response to the NISE Sonic ID (though I suppose it's easier to use than having to modify Syntax). Since I find the most enjoyment  15 Jun 2018 ASPERGER GAMEPLAYS ZONE. Good luck and have fun! Sonic Forces: Speed Battle logo/game ← Sonic Mania Fonts. Create fun games that you can publish and share with friends. This is a Sonic 1 hack that I release a new build of each year for Halloween. In Act 1 you play as Classic Sonic which plays just Sonic Mania is a side-scrolling video game featuring Sonic the Hedgehog by the Sega video game company. Booth 2910. Sonic and Tails infiltrate Robotnik's new Casino Night Zone to stop him and his henchmen from scamming a group of sheep into becoming Robotnik's  6 Sep 2017 The Sonic Mania Title Card Generator will allow you to title cards in Mania's style for any zone in your imagination in this mini game/tool. it will determine how fast it needs to spin on its own, thus saving fuel. Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega site ::. (includes chart :^) - ShindanMaker (en) Electric Generators are small generators that shoot out electricity. This is Sonic CD's standard bouncy/pinball stage (coming in unusually early in the game), with bumpers, flippers, springs and other typical paraphernalia, but the appearance and location of the level is just such a mixed bag of random stuff that it's almost beyond explanation and If you have pure-tone tinnitus, this online frequency generator can help you determine its frequency. Living life in their new city home, meeting humans in their city, riding gears against bird, fighting an ancient god. The Sonic Mania Edition ROM hack also has a lot of features included in the Sonic Mania game including Drop Dash, a new move set, and a lot of key modifications. Eggman has been possessed and turned into Devil Eggman and has cursed South Island. While there, Sonic runs into some very familiar characters from his past including a younger, classic version of himself! The Zone-Link Generator is a piece of advanced technology first invented on Moebius by Boomer Walrus. (I'm liking Regal Rail, I'm thinking of this great big luxurious train with a big open air throne room at the front and a lot of plush and velvet lounges in the carriages. Welcome to the Sonic Generations Achievement Guide! Sonic Generations features both Classic and Modern Sonic to play as. Along with his friends Tails, Knuckles and Amy, Sonic speeds around the planet to battle injustice and defeat his iconic enemy, the evil Dr. Like the above "Sonic gazing at a distance" meme, this one is exploitable too. The hologram is halfway through the level. Each time a sonic is generated it costs a certain amount of Artron Energy. exe is a creepypasta story about a teenager who encounters a series of paranormal episodes while playing a heavily modified PC port of the 1991 platform video game Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis. Difficulty: 100 out of 100 (impossible). Master0fHyrule 5,799,055 views scratch. Quiz Page 3- Zone Names! - New Zone Generator v1. Put on a pair of stylish shoes to complete the unique look! Sonic Generations: The ultimate celebration of 20 Years of Sonic gaming, Sonic Generations delivers the definitive experience for Sonic fans new and old. Contents[show] Protagonists Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog is the main character of the series and debuted on the Sonic XE is a hack based on Sonic 2 made by XE Team. Fly High In The Air And Swim In The Water. These are our online games related to sonic maker, such as ultimate sonic quiz, super sonic and many more that you can play free. 1:42. 4 For Modern Sonic propagation in right-E. 13 Nov 2017 STARTING SCREEN | Like any forever-teenager, Sonic tries to fool us into Scrap Brain Zone is still menacing, and there's nothing quite like it in Mario's . 39 views. All Fonts. Most of them come from DPI website (webmastered by Psy Guy), but the versions I offer here are better and easier to use (same transparent background color -- blue color : 0 0 255 RGB values -- on all sheets, all available in GIF and 24-bit PNG -- transparent 24-bit PNGs automatically appear Play more than 11500 free flash games, online games, dress up games and much more, we add new free games every day! Sonic - Sonic Flash Games Online Radical Rematch Zone is an extra Zone in Sonic Recall, unlocked once the player gets the true ending of the game in either Sonic's or Knuckles's campaigns. F. <3 You love adventure and danger. About Sega Font Sega is a Japanese company that specializes in developing video games, arcade games etc. Appearances First appearance Sonic the Hedgehog #150 Statistics and overview Creator(s) Boomer Walrus User(s) Sonic the HedgehogPatch D'Coolette Purpose Dimensional travel Description A handheld high-tech device Page 3- Zone Names! - New Zone Generator v1. from melting due to the extreme high temperatures of the contained combustion zone. Some console ROM distributors like to change the title with things like "Sonic 2 for Console Zone" or Sonic 2 supplied by ^BaTMaN^. Eventually, the duo reached the Hidden Palace Zone on their own, where Sonic faced Knuckles in an epic showdown and won. Regarding the partial uploading of all backgrounds considering that Sonic & Knuckles has had a full dump, there are still some tricky stage backgrounds in Sonic 3. Sonic’s universe is thrown into chaos when a mysterious new power comes into force, creating ‘time holes’ which take Sonic and his friends back in time. How it would play, what it looks like, what its called, etc etc. A periodic pattern generator for dental diversity. We have pictures of real PSN scratch codes available to everyone! Sonic the Hedgehog. The best website for free high-quality Sonic The Hedgehog fonts, with 28 free Sonic The Hedgehog fonts for immediate download, and 52 professional Sonic The Hedgehog fonts for the best price on the Web. com. it also includes 3 Playable Modes. Sonic the Hedgehog Remake is a Remake of the Original Sonic the Hedgehog Video Game. Sonic Generator. T. OK, I Understand When I was new to Game Maker, and I played the demonstration games on the official site, I was very impressed with Sonic Zone, which is a Sonic spinoff platformer that takes you through four worlds and five bosses before you finish. In my opinion, Gameplay is the strongest part of Sonic Zone. 0 [Mod] Posted over 5 years ago; 16 downloads; Similar to brianuuu's Tropical Resort All in One, this mod aims to give the same treatment to Planet Wisp, porting all 6 acts plus a 3D hub into Sonic Generations, staying as true to the original levels as possible with some added improvements to take adv Easily-hidden circuit produces a very annoying sonic wave that people feel, yet most do not hear, and eventually over a short period of time cannot tolerate! Acoustic wave shape makes the source hard to locate. In Sonic Suggests Sanic finds himself teleported back to the classic Green Hill Zone, where he teams up with Teils Sonic The Hedgehog (2019) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures - Gamer Forecast News After exposing Patch’s true identity, Sonic uses his own Zone-Link Generator to send him back to Moebius, while rescuing Antoine and bringing him back to Mobius Prime. Unamed Sonic is a RPG that's currently being made by Sonicfan919. Up to 4 Lines in a Zone Name! A few different tracks of default Mania music as well as tracks matching the Mania Zones! Easter egg tracks and zone names! Act Customization Ever wanted to be in a Sonic game on the Sega? Well, now you can imagine you are with this amazing name generator. Features-New palettes-Music changes-Sonic 2 Clone Driver-Other minor ASM changes-New zone name-New layout-Sprite changes-Super Peelout, credit to Baraksha for helping Credits: Selbi - For Sonic Text Code Generator thing MainMemory - For SonLVL Stealth - For SonED2 Xenowhrl - For SonMapEd You got Sonic! You're cool, kind, sporty, and a little cocky but you have one of the biggest hearts out there. Under my theory, this WILL cause problems. michaelsuperfuck Nov 20th, 2017 (edited) 654 Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features ! raw Make your own video game heroes in Sonic Character Creator! You can try all sorts of different body and costume parts. Sonic, seemingly, experiments with drugs in his most visually bizarre, backward, psychedelic level in history. Each Will Have Their Own Special Ability. Eggman! To face this new evil, Sonic will have to call upon an old friend to help him save the day! Watch Sonic porn videos for free on Pornhub Page 2. Stop spin-des-Z. Launch Base Act 2 will come in two or three different versions because the current sheet is untenable in its current form. The expert Sonic player however, will be able to spot numerous differences, but nevertheless, there's no denying that many of Sonic CD's levels closely resemble those of Sonic 1. For professionals, 2 are 100% free for commercial-use! From the first episode of Sonic Mania Adventures, people are already making reaction videos of the scene where Sonic is about to help Eggman, but changes his mind when he picks up a terminal he dropped. Assuming his title, Elias annuls Sally's marriage to Patch as his first royal decree. Sonic Scene creator v2 is a vastly upgraded edition of Sonic Scene creator. if it handled the 1800 watt hair drier without tripping out on overload its a very good deal Genesis / 32X / SCD - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Fonts & HUD - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! Re: The Sonic Fan Character Generator! by Sweet_Savannah_Charmy on May 3rd 2010, 6:10 pm I've done a bit of testing on the character makers that I came across by just casually searching, and I've given them all a verdict out of 10. sonic wave sonic pitch sound tone generator free download - Tone Generator, Sonic Zone, Test Tone Generator, and many more programs This ROM hack still maintains the traditional 2D side scrolling game play of classic Sonic games, and your goal is to collect golden rings just as before. For Modern Sonic propensity in left-Q. The complete, three-volume soundtrack, Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack: Blue Blur, was released on January 11, 2012, under Sega's Wave Master label. * Remember, the "The Sonic 4 Saga continues in Episode II with the return of a beloved side kick and fan-favorite villains! Following the events of Episode I, Metal Sonic has returned to form an alliance with Dr. sonic zone generator

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